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    Quanzhou, Fujian Yatai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., formerly known as People's Hospital of Quanzhou pharmaceutical subsidiary Sai Mei An, along the way, has been more than 50 years, and not only continued to pass, "Sai Mei An" old and famous drug production, so that two kinds of unknown "traditional remedy" After a pharmaceutical research and clinical validation, was approved as a national standard, and four kinds of state protection, pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical companies have made a Yuanban develop into a capsule, tablet, powder (including external), creams, granules, suppositories and other pharmaceutical companies beginning to take shape in modern traditional Chinese medicine. Enterprise-quality products, Fujian Province, old and famous-name drugs match the stomach Capsules (formerly known as Sai Mei An Capsules), Sai Mei An San, Sai Mei An cream, Sai Mei An boxes (with vaginal duster), etc., from 1964 from Xiamen Tu Chuchan organization of export import and export companies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries and Hong Kong and Macao since, due to reliable quality and outstanding effect, the market enduring, has become a province, city exports of traditional Chinese medicine, known as "Fujian Bai Yao", and in these countries and regions have been successfully registered. In recent years, with the Quanzhou and Southeast Asian countries, the academic exchanges and promote the Chinese medicine sector, Sai Mei An clinical medicine and pharmaceutical research results obtained at the same time to promote, further services, people of the world.
    Enterprise is located in Quanzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone (Qingmeng Park), covers an area of 15832m2, with a total construction area of 10575m2. Certification since the enterprises have increased their R & D efforts to strengthen cooperation with Overseas Chinese University, Institute of Molecular medicine and other research institutions in collaboration, the investment of more than 1000 million yuan, will have developed a variety of drugs are high-tech. We believe that establishing a scientific concept of development, relying on scientific and technological strength, speed up the pace of innovation in drug development, and respect for and promotion of traditional Chinese medicine, so that more people believe in and use of traditional Chinese medicine in the ever-inheritance, innovation and promotion of the process to achieve more efficient, safer, more convenient target, you can enable enterprises to continuously develop, contribute to the construction of the Economic Zone.
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